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About Us – REO Capital is a leading global capital introduction firm for Venture Capital and Private Equity Emerging Managers as well as Established Managers of private funds with unique strategies.

REO Capital was founded in 2010 to address the needs of the Emerging Managers that are mostly ignored by some larger placement agents.

REO Capital has over 25 years of experience in raising capital for Institutional Emerging Managers and established managers.

REO Capital – discovered that Institutions typically have mandates that prohibit them from investing in any manager that does not have a 5 year track record.

REO Capital has specialized in working with Emerging Managers that seek to raise capital from $100 million to $700 million in capital since 2010.

REO Capital – targets High Net Worth LP Investors that most other Placement Agents may overlook such as RIA Firms thus, we are the best fit for Emerging Managers.

REO Capital – attends various RIA conferences and Wealth Management conferences throughout the United States. We also attend Emerging Manager Conferences.

We also attend several different Family Office global conferences to assist the Emerging Managers we work with. We have found that these LP Investors maybe overlooked to a large degree by some of the other Placement Agents.

About Us – We have also found through attending these RIA conferences that over the past 20 years that there has been a significant shift in wealth out of pensions and into RIA firms.

REO Capital – is constantly updating our Institutional LP investors to offer a more complete distribution of qualified Investors to our clients.

REO Capital – Is uniquely different from other placement agents.
– We do not lock our clients into a typical 24 month contract.
– Our distribution channels are more diverse, than some other placement agents.
– Our firm works on a limited number of funds to avoid duplicating and competing capital raises.
– Most placement agents are Investment Bankers, that do not specialize in Emerging Managers.
– Most Placement Agents charge monthly retainer fees of $15k to $25k + Success Fee!
– Our Retainer Fees and Success Fees are more competitive than most other placement agents.

“REO Capital is not registered to provide securities services in State of Michigan to Issuers or Investors”. Michigan is not significant when it comes to Private Equity or Venture Capital as much as New York or San Francisco. Therefore, REO Capital will not conduct business in Michigan because it utilizes Slander and Libel to achieve their nefarious goals!

About Us

About Us