Venture Capital Investments in US hit $100 Billion in 2018

Venture Capital Investments hit $100 Billion in US alone! So many new unicorns valued at $1 billion-plus, countless $100 million venture financings, an explosion of giant funds — it’s no surprise that Venture Capital Investments hit $100 Billion in 2018 and now 2019 which is shaping up to be banner years for venture capital. The […]

REO Capital – Hires Managing Director – Dianne Gubin

Press Release For Immediate Release: August 2.2019 REO Capital is pleased to announce it has hired a New Managing Director – Dianne Gubin REO Capital hires Managing Director – Dianne Gubin. Dianne actively sources, networks and introduces institutional investors, to Private Equity and VC funds seeking $100 mm or more in financing. As part of […]

Where Will LP Investors Allocate Their Money in 2020

By Alex Lykken – Pitchbook July 26, 2019 Global private market strategies are growing and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. PitchBook heard from 101 institutional limited partners as part of a new survey report to see where LP Investors are allocating their money in the year 2020. Two-thirds of LP Investors said […]

Abuse of Power – Michigan Attorney General Office

I have posted this on my Blog because I want potential clients who look at my Securities License under Broker-Check to be able to read the Abuse of Power – Michigan Attorney General that happened to John Denes and not just the Libelous & Slanderous Fake News Michigan Attorney General’s Office posted on my Securities […]