REO Capital Considers Legal Action Against Crossroads Group

Beverly Hills, California – Legal Action consisting of Breach of Contract Lawsuit is being considered in Beverly Hills, CA by REO Capital, LLC against Mike Gabrail and Paul Gabrail of the Crossroads Group, Gabrail Family Office, and Select Investment Group in Ohio.

For Institutional or High Net Worth Investors considering Investing in Crossroads Group or Select Investment Group Real Estate Holdings these investors should be aware when conducting their Due Diligence on the Crossroads Group or with Select Investments Group managed by Michael Gabrail or Paul Gabrail the General Partners of these groups that they have Defaulted on the REO Capital’s Engagement Agreement by Breaching the Contract with a Termination in the 4th month prior to the 12th month in the Agreement and Legal Action Proceedings are pending!

These Breach of Contract Legal Proceedings clearly demonstrates a lack of professionalism, lack of credibility & unethical behavior on the part of these two Real Estate Groups managed by Paul Gabrial and Michael Gabrial that Investors should consider before Investing in Crossroads Group or Select Investments Group Real Estate Investments. This Breach of Contract with REO Capital will not create trust with Investors in their Real Estate Holdings. These Principals after using 4 months of a paid Retainer demanded that all the used portion of their Retainer to be refunded to them after Breaching the Contract!

If Crossroads Group and Select Investments Group can not honor the contract terms of REO Capital, their placement agent firm that brings institutional investors into their Real Estate, then it is doubtful whether Paul Gabrail and Michael Gabrail of the Crossroads Group can be honest and ethical with the investment capital in their Real Estate Investments over a 5 year period once the investors invest in their Real Estate? These two guys had the nerve to file a complaint with the Michigan AG Office against REO Capital in order to get a refund of their already used retainer after Breaching the Contract before the 12th month!

Any Investors in this firm should also be aware of this Breach of Contract by these two groups and these two principals before Investing any amount of money with the Crossroads Group, Gabrail Family Office, or Select Investments Group owned by Paul & Michael Gabrail.

“Caveat Emptor” for Crossroads Group, Gabrail Family Office, or Select Investments Group Investors before making an Investment!

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