REO Capital Recognition

REO Capital – believes that placing a concrete goal and standard of excellence creates a huge psychological impact on the performance of our staff and the performance of REO capital in total.

There are many different factors that motivate employees and individuals. These include financial reasons, power, achievement, opportunity for advancement, the ability to contribute etc… But another major factor is the power of Recognition!

In fact, there are many research studies that support the notion that acknowledging and rewarding employee performance is good business – improving many things from employee satisfaction to financial performance.

Instead, create goals and action plans for employee recognition. Recognize the actions, behaviors, approaches, and accomplishments that you know will make your organization more productive and efficient.

Employees who feel good about their abilities and their contributions to a company such as REO Capital are more likely to be happy, content, and motivated. When they are recognized for their efforts, they will continue in their desire to excel. We excel with Emerging Managers and Established Managers of Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital Funds.

REO Capital, has been recognized over the years for Best Boutique Placement Agent by Hedge Fund Awards! We feel that this recognition is rewarding for our hard work on the various Funds we have worked on.