John Denes - CEO

John Denes – CEO

John Denes – Emeritus
Started REO Capital in 2010 to accommodate the needs of the General Partners of various Private Equity Funds from $100mm to $500mm. John was the Chief Development Officer for a leading Technology firm that specialized in Data Centers where he was responsible for raising $500 Million for their Big Data fund. John was also Chief Development Officer with a Clean Tech firm where he was responsible for raising capital for their Bio-Fuels PE fund totaling $50 million. John also served as the VP of Institutions for a Global Macro Long Short Fund raising over $500 million for their Hedge Fund and Long Only funds. John has raised capital for various Real Estate Funds totaling over $100 million. John has worked as a Officer of RIA firms, Hedge funds, and Private Equity funds advising them on raising capital for the past 10 years. John started off his career with Dean Witter and later moved to Prudential Securities as a Quantitative Portfolio Manager where he raised $100 million in capital that he managed for nearly a decade. John’s undergrad degree came from the Harvard of Aviation – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science. John later went on to receive his MBA in Finance. John will stay on with REO Capital to consult as Emeritus.

REO Capital - Team

REO Capital – Team

REO Capital is in the process of carefully selecting and interviewing a new Team including a Managing Partner and a Business Development Officer with Capital Raising experience and strong Business Development experience to get stellar results with the Funds that hires REO Capital to raise capital for their PE & VC funds !

We have experienced hiring people that were not motivated enough to do what it takes to get results for our clients! Those people could not follow protocol within the REO Capital structure. = Is a Article written on LinkedIn for the open positions.