Track Record

REO Capital – Track Record doesn’t protest to be the biggest or raised the most Capital, but we have worked with more Emerging Managers than most other Placement Agents and we do have a niche group of LP Institutional Investors we work with on a global basis that are a good fit for both Emerging Managers and Established Managers. Such as Single Family Offices, Multi Family Investment Offices, Registered Investment Advisors or RIA Firms, Wealth Management firms, Insurance Companies, Endowments, Foundations, Corporate Pensions, and Private Investment Offices, as well as Private Banks on a global basis – some of these LP Investors may not be used by other Placement Agents.

Some Examples of our Track Record with Previous Funds in the Past
– $500 million Global Macro L/S ETF Fund
– $150 million Tactical Long Only Fund
– $500 million Big Data Fund
– $50 million Commercial Real Estate Fund
– $100 million Residential Real Estate Fund
– $50 million Bio-Fuels Fund
– $175 million Aviation Fund
– $150 million Multi Strategy LBO Fund
– $100 million Cannabis Real Estate Fund
– $100 million Venture Builders – VC Fund
– $150 million Multi Family Real Estate Fund

REO Capital has conducted research and found that there is a shift in wealth away from Pensions into RIA Firms over the past 15 years. Thus as a result more RIA firms have become more sophisticated by investing in Private Equity and Venture Capital along with Real Assets such as Real Estate. Today, there are over 35,000 RIA Firms and Asset Managers registered with the SEC that control over $40 Trillion dollars in assets under management.

REO Capital uses the RIA Channel, and Wealth Managers which maybe overlooked by some Placement Agents for Investors in PE and VC Funds. REO Capital has found that the RIA Distribution Channel and Wealth Management firms together are more receptive to Emerging Managers versus Large Pensions, Foundations, and Endowments. Most other Placement Agents overlook the RIA Investors which is a huge mistake!

REO Capital Track Record

Track Record