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Evaluate Your Fund

Step 1

Once we start the “Process” we evaluate the GP’s deck and pitch to make sure they are persuasive and trustworthy to the LP Investors. No Investments will be made into any Fund and the Placement Agents will not get paid the Success Fees if the deck and pitch is not persuasive! We also evaluate the Funds Investments, The Management Team, The AUM, The Geographic Locations, The Operating Capital and Risk Management of the Fund. Then we go to work evaluating the Target Markets for LP Investors.

Put Together a Target Market of Investors

Step 2

Our Process utilizes a greater number of LP Investors over most other Placement Agents, such as RIA firms, Wealth Management Firms, Fund of Funds, Single Family Offices, Multi Family Offices, Private Investment Companies, Private Banks, Foundations, Endowments, Corporate Pensions, Municipal Pensions, Insurance Companies, and Investment Consultants. We maintain relationships with over 30000+ Qualified LP Investors!

The Process of a Capital Raise

The Process is when the client comes to us with their understanding of the Capital Raise, we analyze the scenario and make recommendations going forward. We understand the needs of the "Emerging Managers" better than most Placement Agents.

Evaluation of the Fund

We evaluate all the merits of the Fund and the Management Team along with their Track Record before we take on the Capital Raise.

Develop the Raise

We Evaluate and Develop the Deck as well as the Email Pitch. Then we review our Rolodex to see which Investors are a fit for the Fund.

Start the Roadshow

Put together a customized approach and target market for each Capital Raise.


Review the Approach

Review and Redesign the Pitch for the Capital Raise if necessary. If the Pitch is not Persuasive & Trustworthy then No LP will invest in any Fund.

Research Process

Once our GP clients retain us we launch our process and contact investors so that we can hit the ground running on the Capital Raise.

Descriptive Methods

The methodology to start the capital raise depends on the Industry and it depends on the Fund itself.

Target Audience

We analyze the market and once the initial analysis is carried out, we quickly identify the target LP Investors.

Sampling Strategy

We start by finding Investor relationships that are a match for each fund we raise capital for.

Advanced Capital Raising Process

Placement Agents have revolutionized the Capital Raising Industry. We have set the standard for working with Emerging Managers. We have taken the process one step further by using software that is specifically designed for Capital Raising.

  • Typical timeframe for fundraising is 24 months for a $100mm fund or more
  • Pitch CIO’s at Family Office Conferences Globally
  • Attend Multiple Single Family Office Conferences Globally
  • Pitch CIO’s at RIA Conferences
  • Conduct Meetings with Investors for GP’s
  • Attend Investor Meetings alongside our GP clients