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Highly Qualified Team and Highly Motivated.

Review the Capital Raise

We spend time reviewing the GP marketing materials (e.g. Deck, PPM, Pitch) to ensure it meets our investors needs. You never get a second chance at a first impression!


Call Investors

We qualify and set-up meetings with Investors so GPs can pitch their Fund. We obtain Indications of Interest (IOI) from our Investors and facilitate Fund subscription.


Set Goals For The Capital Raise

We work with our GP clients to set reasonable goals / expectations for their capital raise.


Set Meetings

We set-up Zoom video conference calls or in-person meetings with qualified Investors.


Email: johndenes@reocapitalllc.com
Phone: +1 (310) 909-8727

Started his Team in 2010 to accommodate the needs of the Emerging Managers - General Partners of various Private Equity Funds from $100mm to $500mm. John was the Chief Development Officer for a leading Private Equity Technology firm that specialized in Data Centers where he was responsible for raising $500 Million for their Big Data fund. John was also Chief Development Officer with a Biofuels Clean Tech firm where he was responsible for raising capital for their Bio-Fuels PE fund totaling $100 million. John also served as the VP of Institutions for a Global Macro Long Short Fund raising over $600 million for their Hedge Fund and Long Only funds. John has raised capital for various Real Estate Funds totaling over $200 million. John has worked as an Officer of RIA firms, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity Funds advising them on raising capital for the past 10 years. John started off his career with Dean Witter and later moved to Prudential Securities as a Quantitative Portfolio Manager where he raised $100 million in capital that he managed for nearly a decade. John’s undergraduate degree came from the "Harvard of Aviation" – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science along with his Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Multi Engine Pilots Licenses. John later went on to receive his MBA in Finance. John is Chairman - Emeritus and is retired at REO Capital.


Raj Gowan

Email: rajgowan@reocapitalllc.com
Phone: +1-310-909-8727

Rajesh has been in the financial industry for 12 years now, has a masters degree in economics & financial management. The combination of his education and vast experience in the financial industry makes him uniquely qualified to help emerging managers raise the capital they need to reach their true potential. Along with his experience, brings a sharp focus, clear vision and drive to ensure the success of everyone he works with. Raj has also worked internationally with a wide range of clients with different regulations , rules and laws. He can fit in a work with different corporate and investment cultures and processes seamlessly.


Michael Carpinello

Phone: 310-909-8727

- 20 years+ capital markets experience across asset classes (distribution and origination both public & private) across top-tier global and boutique investment banks and the world of institutional funds and asset owners (mutual / pension / hedge funds, private equity, VC, family offices, sovereign funds, high net worth, etc.);
- significant experience leading private placements and IPOs;
- strong competencies in corporate governance and investor relations;
- extensive background in business development and strategic partnerships
Existing, C-level direct relationships

- Worked on Floor on NYSE
- Morgan Stanley
- Prudential
- Foresters Financial
- Amerx Capital (boutique investment bank)



provides critical judgement to various strategies and business development procedures. He is focused on completing targeted goals by staying on track to complete specific objectives. His experience has come from numerous business development roles that he ran for various Venture firms specializing in software companies. Here he worked directly to maximize the benefits of marketing plans. Additionally he has developed skills in financial modeling while working on assigned projects. Is completing his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Management from XYZ University. Has currently completed his Series 79 & 63 Securities Licenses.


Firm Analyst,

Firm Analyst, Marketing

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REO Capital seeks talented marketing individuals experienced in raising capital and are highly motivated by monetary rewards who will work extremely hard for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Firm Analyst, Marketing

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Firm Analyst, Marketing

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