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REO Capital is a boutique Placement Agent Firm for emerging managers and established managers with unique investment strategies.

REO Capital works with more Emerging Managers than other Placement Agent Firms. The definition of an Emerging Manager is any group of GP's that does not have a 5 year track record working together as a group.

Other Placement Agent Firms claim to work with more Emerging Managers that only seek to raise $600mm or more. When in fact, it is rare that any Emerging Manager on Funds 1-4 will seek more than $500mm.

This is why REO Capital typically works with true Emerging Managers that seek to raise $100mm to $500mm in new capital.

REO Capital works with emerging managers of Seed, Early stage, and Late stage Venture Capital funds, Private Equity funds in Energy, Technology, Real Estate, and Healthcare.

REO Capital's Global reach works with our LP Investors such as RIA firms, Fund of Funds, Single Family Offices, Multi Family Investment Offices, Private Investment firms, Private Banks, Foundations, Endowments, Corporate Pensions, Insurance companies, and Investment Consultants. Over 10000+ LP's Qualified Investors!

REO Capital can assist these Emerging Managers and Established Managers of Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Funds that seeks to raise $100 million to $500 million in new capital by helping them make the right capital introductions.

REO Capital has specialized in working with Emerging Managers for the past 10 years and we target HNW LP Investors that are the best fit for Emerging Managers.

REO Capital - Placement Agent is a cost effective way to outsource a Business Development Team while controlling costs such as Healthcare, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Employment Salary Costs, Federal and State Taxes, Recruiting Costs, Training Costs, and the cost of hiring internal staff members adds up to 300% more cost for each employee! Why spend 300% more in costs ???

The most important thing in evaluating a Placement Agent Firm is - "Who are the LP Investors they represent and are those LP Investors the best fit for your Fund?"

We are a Placement Agent that is selective in working with a limited number of Funds per year to avoid duplicating capital raising. By limiting the number of funds we are able to create a unique strategy for each fund.

We align our interest with our GP clients by taking a portion of our fees and Investing the funds we represent so that we are not just Placement Agents, we are also Investors.

We have several helpful articles for Emerging Managers on our Blog take a look at "How to Write a Great Deck" - REO Capital's Blog

About – REO Capital

REO Capital is a global capital introduction firm for Venture Capital and Private Equity Emerging Managers as well as Established Managers of private funds with unique strategies.

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Track Record – Capital Raising

REO Capital - Track Record - has experience with Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, & Real Estate Funds. REO Capital believes that a smaller nice boutique firm is better because we offer personalized award winning service.

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Capital Raising Services

REO Capital – Is a Placement Agent Firm that has structured our Services for the General Partners of Real Estate Funds, Hedge Funds, Long Only Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Venture Capital Funds to assist them in their Capital Raising needs.

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