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Purpose – The basic role of a Placement Agent is capital raising for the General Partners of Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, and Hedge Funds as expeditiously as possible.

Most Placement Agents introduce fund managers to investors and get paid a fee for that introduction. People believe that the sole function an a Placement Agent is to be a glorified Rolodex of Investors. The least sophisticated agents, with minimal market knowledge are probably just that. REO Capital has unique distribution channels with Institutional Investors such as RIA firms, Wealth Management firms, Investment Consultants, Pension Consultants, Fund of Funds, Single Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Foundations, Insurance Companies, Corporate Pensions, & Endowments. Fund Managers hire Private Placement Agents to help make the fundraising process more efficient.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Fund sales are not driven simply by receiving a Private Placement Memorandum – PPM. Most Institutional Investors want to meet in person with the General Partners. Given the Importance of these meetings, fundraising results in extensive travel, often to locations that are off-the-beaten path such as Bismarck, Cambridge, Detroit, St. Louis, Sacramento or Salt Lake City.

REO Capital is the best Placement Agent firm that can help Managers of Private Equity Funds, & Venture Capital Funds, seeking $100 Million to $500 Million in new capital by making the right Introductions. REO Capital is experienced with over 25 years of experience to assist your fundraising needs. Larger Placement Agents do not work with the PE & VC funds from $100mm to $500mm with less than a 5 year track record, but REO Capital can help. Larger Placement Agents work on some 30 funds per year which ends up with competing fundraising! REO Capital limits the number of engagements we work on, and our unique introductions with our institutions are the solution to your capital raise.

REO Capital is Based in Beverly Hills, California and partners with established and emerging managers seeking to enhance their investor base by raising institutional capital for Venture Capital, Private Equity, Technology, Medical, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Energy, and other private investment strategies.

REO Capital is not an Investment Banking firm that happens to offer Capital Raising for PE and VC funds as a sideline to their M & A services. We are specialist in Capital Raising and that is all we do, Capital Raising is our main Focus.

REO Capital – Is a cost effective way to outsource the benefits of a Business Development Team while controlling costs, such as Healthcare, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Employee Salary Costs, Other Benefits, Federal & State Taxes, Recruiting Costs, Training and the cost of hiring internal staff adds up to 3x the cost of a salary for each employee!

Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices, Pensions, Wealth Management Firms
REO Capital can assist these Institutions with various Alternative Investments for their Client’s Asset Allocation Models. REO Capital can be an excellent resource for Foundations, Endowments, Single Family Offices and Multi Family Offices, Pensions, Wealth Management Firms, & Defined Benefit Plans etc.. seeking various Alternative Institutional Investments for their Portfolio’s. We can provide management teams with critical advice and financial market insight which, they need to effectively navigate the many levels of the Alternative investment community. Contact us to see if the Funds we represent are a fit for your Client’s Investment Policy statements.

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