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REO Capital - a firm that can assist Emerging Managers of PE & VC firms raise capital for their funds. We have the most unique distribution channels which includes international RIA firms, Fund of Funds, Global Family Offices, Small Foundations, Investment Consultants, Asset Managers, Private Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds that are most receptive LP Investors for Emerging Managers! REO Capital can help provide Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital Funds along with Long Only Funds seeking $100 million to $500 million in new capital. REO Capital is a Boutique Firm best suited for Emerging Managers!

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REO Capital has the most Unique and Comprehensive Distribution Channels for Emerging Managers. We will strive to be the best Capital Raising Firm in Michigan and the United States! We have done our Due Diligence on other Placement Agents and No other firm comes close to us!

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Has previous experience with Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds & Real Estate Funds while being a Principal for these various type of firms. REO Capital believes that a smaller boutique firm is better for more personalized service. REO Capital believes that the most important factor when engaging a Capital Raising Firm is "Who are the LP Investors they represent and are those LP Investors the best fit for your fund" ?

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REO Capital

REO Capital can help Emerging Managers when other firms can not effectively service your fund with the proper LP's. We can assist in Capital Raising, Legal Services, Research services, & CFO interim services. Most firms do not offer the unique vast distribution channels we offer, not do they offer the other vast services we can provide.

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A Niche Firm

The basic role of a Capital Raising firm is obvious to raise capital for the funds they represent as quickly as possible. How the role is executed varies greatly from agent to agent. In addition, the fundraising market is changing as private equity becomes a more established asset class and as it comes under stress in the current economic environment.

All Capital Raising firms introduce fund managers to some type of institutional investors. Some people believe that the sole function of a Placement Agent is to be a glorified Rolodex of investors. The least sophisticated agents, with minimal market knowledge and weak contacts are probably just that. The best firms have vast distribution channels with institutional investors as well as different sectors and allocations they cover. Fund managers hire Placement Agents to make the fundraising process more efficient.

REO Capital has a vast unique Rolodex, we also act as a travel agent. Private Equity fund sales are not driven simply by receiving a Private Placement Memorandum. Most institutional investors want to meet in person with the senior managers of the General Partners in their offices. Given the importance of these meetings, fundraising results in extensive travel to locations of the beaten path such as Bismarck, or Boston, Chicago, Detroit or St Louis.

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REO Capital, we work with Early, Lower Market & Middle Market Private Equity Funds, Clean Tech Funds, Oil & Gas Funds, Natural Gas Energy Funds, Real Estate Funds, Healthcare Funds, Technology Funds, Unique Hedge Funds & niche Venture Capital Funds. We can also assist Long Only Managers raise capital for their funds as a Sub Advisor for various RIA firms.

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REO Capital is located in Detroit Michigan - See our Manager Selection Process of LP's on the 5 Most Important Area's - Located on the REO Capital Info page.

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