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When the client comes to us with their knowledge of Capital Raising, we analyze the scenario and make suggestions going forward. We understand the needs of the "Emerging Managers" better than most Placement Agents.

Evaluation of the Fund

We evaluate all the merits of the Fund and the Management Team along with their Track Record before we take on the Capital Raise.


Develop the Raise

We Evaluate and Develop the Deck as well as the Email Pitch. Then we review our Rolodex to see which Investors are a fit for the Fund.


Start the Roadshow

Put together a customized approach and target market for each Capital Raise.


Review the Approach

Review and Redesign the Pitch for the Capital Raise if necessary. If the Pitch is not Persuasive & Trustworthy then-No LP will invest in any Fund.

Let's Work Together

A highly skilled group of veteran practitioners with diverse experience across industries, disciplines, and geographies.

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