Services – REO Capital – Placement Agent Firm

REO Capital – Is a Placement Agent Firm that has structured our services for the General Partners of Real Estate Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Venture Capital Funds to assist them in their Capital Raising needs.

REO Capital works with emerging managers in Unique Hedge Funds, Long Only Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital funds:
-Venture Capital funds in Seed, Early Stage, and Late Stage in Technology, AI, Medical Devices, and Healthcare.
-Private Equity funds in Technology, Real Estate, Cannabis Funds, Growth Equity, Energy, Biofuels, and Healthcare Funds.
-Hedge Funds Global Macro Long Short with unique strategies.
-Long Only Unique Strategies

REO Capital creates value in our Services at every stage of the Capital Raising Process
– Early Stage Strategic Advice
– Review of Terms within the Deck
– Assist with Document Preparation
– Preliminary Target Market Analysis
– Pre Marketing or Test Marketing
– Input and Feedback on Marketing Materials
– Investor Prospecting
– Roadshow Management
– Due Diligence on Markets for Fundraising
– Fund Terms Negotiation
– Assist Coaching Your Pitch
– Help Fund Managers Create a Budget for the Capital Raise
– We attend numerous Family Office & RIA Conferences Globally for our clients

– Assist in preparation of marketing materials
– Identify, qualify, and prioritize Investors
– Call on LP’s to gauge interest in the fund
– Develop and perfect a marketing strategy for each client
– Developing a Persuasive Pitch that is Trustworthy to Investors
– Assist GP’s write a great Deck that contains all necessary pages
– Can show you in your Deck “How to Get Investors to Invest Quickly”
– Can show you in your PPM How to Save $2mm – $10mm USD
– Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their investment strategy
– Develop strong pitch for the GPs to focus on during Investor meetings

“Best Efforts” Fundraising
– REO Capital’s capital raising is completed on a Best Efforts basis
– Secure meetings and coordinate roadshow
– Follow up with Investors, keep everyone updated and assist with Due Diligence
– Provide frequent updates to our fund managers
– Typical timeframe for fundraising is 24 months for a $100mm fund or more
– Pitch CIO’s at Family Office Conferences Globally
– Attend Multiple Single Family Office Conferences Globally
– Pitch CIO’s at RIA Conferences
– Conduct Meetings with Investors for GP’s
– Attend Investor Meetings alongside our GP clients

Top Off Fundraising
– A Top Off Fundraising assignment can include:
– Fundraising in a specific geographic region
– Targeting a specific class or sector of Institutional Investors

Family Office – Services
– We can provide Family Offices with Co-Investment Deals and Co-GP deals
– We can be an additional set of eyes for Real Estate, Private Equity, & Venture Capital
– We can source direct investments and funds for SFO’s and Multi Family Offices
– Family Offices – contact us to receive Direct Investments and Co-Investments privately

REO Capital – Is uniquely different from most other Placement Agents with our Emerging Managers, our unique LP Investors, A limited Number of Funds, Co Invests with GP’s, and Specializing in various Niche Funds.

Over the years REO Capital discovered that there are risks on both sides of the capital raise by both the General Partners and the Placement Agents. If the GP’s Pitch is not Persuasive and Trustworthy to the investors the Placement Agents do not get paid our Success Fees!

The Fees we charge are intended to cover our expenses, such as office expenses, travel costs, HR costs, and other out of pocket expenses incurred by the Placement Agent as related to sales and marketing efforts of the capital raise.

Capital Raising Services