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Engaging Clients

REO Capital can assist Emerging Managers and Established Managers of Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity Funds that seeks to raise $100 million to $700 million in new capital by helping them make the right capital introductions to the proper LP’s that are receptive to these managers.


Services - Capital Raising Firm

REO Capital – Is the Placement Agent Firm that has structured our Services for the General Partners of Real Estate Funds, Hedge Funds, Long Only Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Venture Capital Funds to assist these Emerging Managers in their Capital Raising needs. We can assist with help for the Pitchbook and also the PPM by referring our clients to experts who can assist with these Services.


Retaining the Client

To retain our GP clients we have devised a engagement agreement where, we become partners with the GP’s over the long term with each fund. We align our interests alongside the GP’s with a creative pricing model. We also retain our clients by fully explaining the capital raising process, the risks on both sides, and the time frame involved in each raise. We explain the entire process that takes about 24 months to complete!


Making the Right Capital Introductions...
Capital Raising Firm for Emerging Managers.

REO Capital – Is the Capital Raising Firm for Emerging Managers because we have worked with Emerging Managers for the past 11 years. We are uniquely different from most other Placement Agents. Our vast number of unique LP Investors, We work on a limited number of funds, We Co Invests with our GP’s, and We specialize in various niche funds with unique strategies from managers globally.


Our Services


Experienced Track Record

REO Capital has a Track Record of working with both big and small 1st Funds. Along with managers on Fund #2, 3, & 4.



Our Introductions are to LP’s that are receptive to Emerging Managers even on Fund I, II, or III.



REO Capital helps you create a strong brand with your GP group. Which develops Trust with the LP’s over time.



We have established trusted relationships with many of our 30,000 LP Investors.


Diverse Services

We offer a vast range of LP’s with our Service, we can refer Legal Services to our GP clients, as well as assist with your Pitchbook and make sure your Pitch is persuasive – trustworthy.


Pioneerswith Emerging Managers

REO Capital – Is uniquely different from most other Placement Agents with our Emerging Managers, our unique LP Investors, and Specializing in various Niche Funds.


Outsource The Best Placement Agent Team to Save Time and Money

REO Capital - is a cost effective way to outsource a Business Development Team while controlling costs such as Healthcare, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Employment Salary Costs, Federal and State Taxes, Recruiting Costs, Training Costs, and the cost of hiring internal staff members adds up to 300% more cost for each employee! Why spend 300% more in costs ???

John Denes

Chairman – Emeritus

John was the Chief Development Officer for a leading Technology firm that specialized in Data Centers where he was responsible for raising $500 Million for their Big Data fund. John is presently Chairman – Emeritus with REO Capital solely in a advisory role.

Raj Gowan

Raj Gowan

Managing Director

Rajesh has been in the financial industry for 12 years now, has a masters degree in economics & financial management. The combination of his education and vast experience in the financial industry makes him uniquely qualified to help emerging managers raise the capital they need.

Michael Carpinello

Michael Carpinello

Managing Partner

20 years+ capital markets experience across asset classes (distribution and origination both public & private) across top-tier global and boutique investment banks and the world of institutional funds and asset owners (mutual / pension / hedge funds, private equity, VC, family offices, sovereign funds, high net worth, etc.); – significant experience leading private placements and IPOs; – strong competencies in corporate governance and investor relations; – extensive background in business development and strategic partnerships Existing, C-level direct relationships



Managing Director

Provides critical judgement to various strategies and business development procedures. His experience has come from numerous business development roles that he ran for various firms. Additionally he has developed skills in financial modeling.

$2 Billion Raised

Over 12 Funds Completed

11 Years in Business

3 Team Members


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Get your Capital Raise

Using our Knowledge, and VIX Index we can help you with the precise time to start your Capital Raise.


Our Support

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Pricing Models


We offer two different Fee Models for Emerging Managers, we also align our interest with the GP’s. One of the Fee Models is a Flat Fee. Set up a Call with us to discuss the 2 Fee Models.