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About Us - REO Capital

About Us - We are a global capital raising firm for Venture Capital and Private Equity Emerging Managers as well as Established Managers of private funds with unique strategies. REO Capital has over 50 years of combined experience in raising capital for Emerging Managers over the past decade. REO Capital has specialized in working with unique strategies of Emerging Managers that seek to raise capital from $100 million to $700 million in capital since 2010 for a Fee.


  • – REO Capital does not lock our clients into a 24 month contract.
  • – Our LP’s are more vast, and receptive for Emerging Managers.
  • – Our Pricing Model Fees are more competitive than other firms !
  • – We monitor the “VIX Index” to decide when to start a Capital Raise.



We carefully evaluate potential managers, we examine the critical factors that define the GP of a Fund. These include the general partner’s background, track record, team, investment process, investments, location, professional references, risk management and other investors. ABOUT US


About Us – We don’t claim to have raised the most Capital, but we have worked with more Emerging Managers than many other Placement Agents. GET HELP

About Us - We Drive Performance


Passionate Fundraisers

REO Capital is very passionate and persistent when we take on a Capital Raise with each Fund!

Target Markets

REO Capital has global LP relationships in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Planning & Strategy

REO Capital has conducted research and found that there is a shift in wealth away from large Pensions into RIA Firms over the past 15 years. We work with RIA Firms, Single Family Offices, Multi Family Offices, Wealth Management firms, Insurance Companies, Endowments, Foundations, Corporate Pensions, and Private Investment Offices, as well as Private Banks on a global basis. REO Capital works with more LP's that are receptive to Emerging Managers than most Placement Agents !

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