Services – REO Capital

REO Capital – has structured our Services for the General Partners of various Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital Funds in order to assist them in the Capital Raising process.

Private Equity Technology Funds
REO Capital is interested in working with unique Technology Funds such as Big Data, Software, Hardware, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Venture Capital Funds
REO Capital works with Venture Capital firms to provide capital to Early Stage Funds, up to late stage funds. Early Stage Venture Capital Funds are attractive with small companies to small to raise capital in the public markets.

Real Estate Funds
REO Capital works with diversified real estate funds that invest in Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial, Office Multifamily and residential within a Private Equity Fund structure. We like Opportunistic real estate funds and Value Added Funds.

Healthcare Funds
REO Capital Likes to work with diversified Healthcare funds, Medical Technology, and Medical Equipment with a Private Equity Fund structure.

Long Only Funds
REO Capital has had some great success in the past with raising capital for Long Only Funds with our distribution channels especially the RIA Firms and Wealth Management firms.

Hedge Funds
Works with unique Hedge Funds strategies for LP Investors that demand niche strategies.

REO Capital creates value at every stage of the Capital Raising process

Early Stage Strategic Advice
Review of Terms
Assist with Document Preparation
Preliminary Target Market Analysis
Input and Feedback on Marketing Materials
Investor Prospecting
Road Show Management
Due Diligence on Market for Fundraising
Fund Terms Negotiation

Institutional Investors should understand that there are various risks associated with investing in Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate, in Private Equity Funds as well as Venture Capital Funds. Please Note – that Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Performance & Investments in Private Placements involve risk!